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About Us

Founded in 1996, Sagemont Preparatory School is a private college preparatory school located in Weston, FL. Our small family environment allows us to promote students’ intellectual curiosities, skills, and talents through opportunities for experiential learning. Students exercise their independent learning skills and live out their passions making a Sagemont Prep student truly unique. Our Educational Pillars serve as a guide to develop students’ cognitive, interpersonal, and self-awareness skills where Sagemont Prep students become collaborators, critical thinkers, and most importantly, they understand that their purpose as an individual is to work towards the common good in their community. Whether a National Merit Scholar, business owner, published author, app develop, or environmental advocate, Sagemont Prep students are innovators. While not every student has yet to discover their passion, the Sagemont Preparatory curriculum, along with the support of the faculty and club offerings, allows for this exploration.


Parent and Student Testimonials

“We have been at Sagemont Prep for over four years, and we love it! The school is absolutely amazing! I cannot say enough positive things about the individual support, wonderful teachers, and staff. Both of my girls wake up happy and love to go to school every day. The curriculum is very competitive, and class sizes are small, thus keeping both kids engaged with their teachers and classmates.”


“What we love the most is how they nurture friendship, kindness, family values and always find unacceptable any form of bullying. We are proud to call ourselves a Sagemont Prep family and plan to be there for many more years.”


“Our son is a sophomore attending Sagemont Preparatory School. We are extremely pleased with the challenging coursework. Because Sagemont is a small school, it gives each student individualized attention and more influence in group activities. Sagemont emphasizes the importance of character and values, and builds leaders through its curriculum.”


“Our son loves the teachers and staff, and has thrived under their tutelage. Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed, and they happily share their moments of pride in the students’ accomplishments. And should an issue arise, they are very approachable and solution-oriented.”


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